Stag Mechanical Timers

Stag General Purpose Mechanical Timers offer 96 switching segments within a daily program.

Stag General Purpose Timing

Constructed from self-extinguishing thermoplastic for additional safety and quartz controlled for greater accuracy, the SMT general purpose mechanical timer switch from Stag Electrical provides ON, AUTO, and continuous OFF within a daily program, with 96 switching segments, giving you 15 minute segments with which to plan your timings. DIN Rail mountable, the transparent control cover gives you full visibility of you active and inactive segments.

Download the Technical Datasheet here

Meet the Timer...

Stag General Purpose Mechanical Timers are manufactured from self-extinguishing thermoplastic:

Part Number Ingress Protection Supply Voltage Power Consumption Min. Switching Time Approvals
SMT-96-1C IP20 220VAC, 50/60Hz 1VA 15 mins.    


Mechanical Timer