Stag Cable Glands

Continuing Stag's range of high quality electrical components at low prices, are the latest addition to our range of products - Stag Cable Glands.

Stag Manufacturing Quality

Manufactured to the same exacting standards of all our products, Stag Cable Glands are IP68 rated, and include the sealing washer and locking nut as standard. Our metric thread glands are available in M12 to M63 sizes, with four colour options: white, black, grey and red, whilst our PG thread glands are avilable in eight sizes from PG7 to PG36 in grey colour only.

Download the Technical Datasheet here

Meet the range...

Stag Cable Glands are manufactured in high strength nylon material and are available in 10 different metric thread sizes from M12 to M63 as follows:

Part Number Metric Thread Cable Diamater Colours Available Approvals
SCG/M12 M12 3mm - 6.5mm White, Grey, Black, Red    
SCG/M16 M16 4mm - 8mm White, Grey, Black, Red    
SCG/M20 M20 6mm - 12mm White, Grey, Black, Red    
SCG/M20L M20 10mm - 14mm White, Grey, Black, Red    
SCG/M25 M25 9mm - 16mm White, Grey, Black, Red    
SCG/M25L M25 13mm - 18mm White, Grey, Black, Red    
SCG/M32 M32 18mm - 25mm White, Grey, Black, Red    
SCG/M40 M40 22mm - 32mm White, Grey, Black, Red    
SCG/M50 M50 30mm - 38mm White, Grey, Black, Red    
SCG/M63 M63 34mm - 44mm White, Grey, Black, Red    

Stag Cable Glands are also available with PG thread with eight sizes available from PG7 to PG36 as follows:

Part Number PG Thread Cable Diamater Colours Available Approvals
SCG/PG7-G PG7 3mm - 6.5mm Grey    
SCG/PG9-G PG9 4mm - 8mm Grey    
SCG/PG11-G PG11 5mm - 10mm Grey    
SCG/PG13.5-G PG13.5 6mm - 12mm Grey    
SCG/PG16-G PG16 10mm - 14mm Grey    
SCG/PG21-G PG21 14mm - 18mm Grey    
SCG/PG29-G PG29 18mm - 25mm Grey    
SCG/PG36-G PG36 24mm - 32mm Grey    


Colour: White


Colour: Red


Colour: Black


Colour: Grey