Stag Mechanical Staircase Timers

Stag Mechanical Staircase Timers for simple control of staircase, corridor or lobby lighting.

Stag Perfect Timing

If you are looking to automate your lighting in corridors, staircases or lobbies, you should be considering a Staircase Timer. Enabling a single action to turn on the lights, remaining on long enough to pass through the controlled area before the lights switch off automatically. The Staircase Timer allows a simple pushbutton to be used, or many pushbuttons connected in parallel, providing greater cost savings. With countdowns available from 30 seconds up to 20 minutes, the Stag Mechanical Staircase Timer should have you covered.

Download the Technical Datasheet here

Meet the Timer...

Stag Mechanical Staircase Timers are manufactured from self-extinguishing thermoplastic:

Part Number Ingress Protection Supply Voltage Power Consumption Glow Lamp Load Approvals
SST-5-1C IP20 220VAC, 50/60Hz 4VA 150mA max.    


Staircase Timer