Stag Gel Boxes

The Stag range of pre-filled Gel Boxes for sealing and protecting electrical connections.

Ideal For Submersible Connections

The SGB Gel Boxes is a range of pre-filled gel boxes for sealing, protecting and making safe electrical connections, and are halogen-free as well as being UV resistant.

Boasting an IPX8 waterproof rating, the entire range of SGB Gel Boxes can even be used under water for submerged applications. The pre-filled gel is non-toxic with no possibility of harm to the environment, whilst 3 wiring entrances makes the SGB Gel Boxes range exceptionally versatile.

Download the Technical Datasheet here

Meet the range...

Stag Gel Boxes are available in three different sizes with corresponding colours as follows:

Part Number Box Colour Dimensions Ingress Protection Approvals
SGB-01 Orange 41mm x 28mm x 19mm IPX8 Waterproof    
SGB-02 Blue 45mm x 37mm x 24mm IPX8 Waterproof    
SGB-03 Yellow 53mm x 39mm x 24mm IPX8 Waterproof    


41mm x 28mm x 19mm


45mm x 37mm x 24mm


53mm x 39mm x 24mm