Stag Lever Handle Enclosed Isolators

Our alternative enclosed isolator, but this time offered with a single lever handle in two body sizes

Stag Innovation

As always, Stag Enclosed Isolators offer supreme value for money without compromising quality. Our new lever handle isolators, made from high quality flame retardant materials and sealed to IP66 rating, are tough and durable and suitable for most applications. Stag Enclosed Isolator enclosure boxes come with dual 20mm and 25mm gland knockout holes, making them exceptionally versatile.

Small body enclosed lever isolators are available in 1 & 2 pole versions from 10A to 20A, and large body enclosed lever isolators are available in 1 & 3 pole versions from 20A to 63A.

Download the Technical Datasheet here

Meet the range...

Stag Lever Handle Enclosed Isolators are available from 10A to 63A as follows:

Part Number Current (AC23A) Rated Operating Voltage No of Poles Dimensions Approvals
SLI66-1-10A 10 Amps 250V 1 85x85x80mm    
SLI66-1-20A 20 Amps 250V 1 85x85x80mm    
SLI66-2-20A 20 Amps 250V 2 85x85x80mm    
SLI66L-1-20A 20 Amps 250V 1 166x83x86mm    
SLI66L-1-35A 35 Amps 250V 1 166x83x86mm    
SLI66L-1-63A 63 Amps 250V 1 166x83x86mm    
SLI66L-3-20A 20 Amps 415V 3 166x83x86mm    
SLI66L-3-35A 35 Amps 415V 3 166x83x86mm    
SLI66L-3-63A 63 Amps 415V 3 166x83x86mm    


10 Amp 1 Pole


20 Amp 2 Poles


35 Amp 1 Pole


63 Amp 3 Poles