Stag Rotary Handle Enclosed Isolators

Our first ever enclosed isolator is still going strong, offered with a rotary handle with several locking positions

Stag Reliability & Durability

Firmly established in the UK wholesale trade counter marketplace, Stag Enclosed Isolators offer supreme value for money without compromising quality. Made from high quality flame retardant materials, and sealed to IP65 rating, Stag Enclosed Isolators are tough and durable and suitable for most applications. Specifically designed with safety in mind, our Rotary Handle Enclosed Isolators only open in the off position, and include additional earth and neutral connections. Stag Enclosed Isolator enclosure boxes come with multiple gland knockout holes, making them exceptionally versatile. We also offer optional auxiliary contacts, specifically for the IS4P range.

With a complete range in 4 pole from 20A to 150A as standard, and IEC60947 compliant, you will find it difficult to find a comparable product for less.

Download the Technical Datasheet here

Meet the range...

Stag Rotary Handle Enclosed Isolators are all 4 pole and are available from 20A to 150A as follows:

Part Number Current (AC21) Rated Operating Voltage Dimensions Approvals
IS4P20 20 Amps 230 - 440V 125x100x85mm    
IS4P20L 20 Amps 230 - 440V 175x115x100mm    
IS4P32 32 Amps 230 - 440V 125x100x85mm    
IS4P32L 32 Amps 230 - 440V 175x115x100mm    
IS4P40 40 Amps 230 - 440V 175x115x100mm    
IS4P63 63 Amps 230 - 440V 175x115x100mm    
IS4P80 80 Amps 230 - 440V 240x160x120mm    
IS4P100 100 Amps 230 - 440V 240x160x120mm    
IS4P125 125 Amps 230 - 440V 240x160x120mm    
IS4P150 150 Amps 230 - 440V 240x160x120mm    

Stag Rotary Handle Enclosed Isolator Auxiliary Contacts as follows:

Part Number For Use With Contacts Compliance
SAC32-11 IS4P20, IS4P20L, IS4P32, IS4P32L 1 Normally Open, 1 Normally Closed (1NO/1NC) EN 60947-3
SAC63-11 IS4P40, IS4P63 1 Normally Open, 1 Normally Closed (1NO/1NC) EN 60947-3
SAC150-11 IS4P80, IS4P100, IS4P125, IS4P150 1 Normally Open, 1 Normally Closed (1NO/1NC) EN 60947-3


20 Amp Isolator


40 Amp Isolator


100 Amp Isolator


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