Stag Cable Glands

Continuing Stag's range of high quality electrical components at low prices are the latest addition to our range of products - Stag Cable Glands. Manufactured to the same exacting standards of all our products, Stag Cable Glands are IP68 rated, and include the sealing washer and locking nut as standard. All glands are constructed with a metric thread, and are available in M12 to M63 sizes, with four colour options: white, black, grey and red.

  • High strength nylon material
  • IP68 rated
  • Includes sealing washer and nut
  • Available in white, black, grey & red
  • Metric thread

10 different sizes available in the range from M12 to M63.

Product cable clamp range as follows:

  • SCG/M12:- 3 to 6.5mm
  • SCG/M16:- 5 to 10mm
  • SCG/M20:- 6 to 12mm
  • SCG/M20L:- 10 to 14mm
  • SCG/M25:- 9 to 16mm
  • SCG/M25L:- 13 to 18mm
  • SCG/M32:- 18 to 25mm
  • SCG/M40:- 22 to 32mm
  • SCG/M50:- 30 to 38mm
  • SCG/M63:- 34 to 44mm